Pikolinos Calabria 7124 chukka flats

Chukka of the Day: Pikolinos Calabria 7124

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Since the Wizard of Oz, we all have wished to own a pair of shoes that can take us anywhere we like. Forget the glitters, but not the color of power: fiery red. Ready to grab the first red pair of shoes that charms you?

Well, that’s what I did when I chose our featured COTD: the Calabria 7124 red desert boots from Pikolinos.

Pikolinos, a Spanish shoe brand founded in 1984, came to be known for their ‘naturally good’ leather shoes. That meant leathers free of chromium and vegetable dyes and crafted using toxic-free glues.

Pikolinos Calabria 7124

The Pikolinos Calabria 7124 comes in aguamarina, brandy, nautic, caldera, nude, sol, and red (or carmin) showcasing authentic Spanish design. Feel the outer and inner material and you will notice the quality of soft leather. Get your size right and walk on air with its gum rubber sole, flat heels, and lace-up closure.

Pikolinos Calabria 7124 front and back Pikolinos Calabria 7124 sideview Pikolinos Calabria 7124 bottom view

No matter the season, many outfits suit these unique red boots. But the best get ups to sport are the ones that complement the shoe color. Your imagination is the limit as to which styles and colors of dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants you would pair with these striking chukka boots.

If you find red too intense, you can always dial it down a notch by opting for the neutral brown or calm blue. But don’t change your mind just yet - wait until you find a pair at the nearest shop. You’ll never know what effect they have on you unless you get to try them out.

Pikolinos calabria in different colors

Source: www.pikolinos.com