Russell & Bromley CHUKACHARM

Chukka of the Day: Russell & Bromley CHUKACHARM

Posted by Issa on

This segment will feature a pair of chukka boots every day from Monday to Friday. So be sure to come back and check our website to get your daily dose of chukka fashion inspiration.

Today’s featured pair of chukka boots gives us a rush of excitement: the Chukacharm released by Russell & Bromley. The company is one of the leading UK brands designing and crafting high-quality handbags and footwear, including chukka. In fact, Prince Harry got two of his famous desert boots from them. And when something is good enough for the prince, then it is likely fitting for any outgoing and chic heroine - yes, you.

Our selected pair of chukkas is crafted for women who are often on the go. Just observe the built: the uppers are made from taupe suede, with classy leather lining, durable rubber sole, easy two-eyelet lacing and sensible heels that are no higher than 2cm. The sizing follows the EU standard and it is said to be ‘true to size’.

Comfy, stylish, and casual - how could a pair of female boots have all these qualities? Check out the image of Russell & Bromley’s Chukacharm from all angles:

Chukacharm Sideview Chukacharm Three-fourths view Chukacharm backview

These gorgeous off-duty boots, which you can flexibly pair with dresses or denims and a slouchy shoulder bag, are now unavailable due to high demand. But don’t fret. You can leave your email to request a pair, that is, if you can wait.