Dr Martens Daytona Chukka Boot

Chukka of the Day: Dr. Martens Women’s Daytona

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No woman can swear her loyalty to a pair of shoes. Blame it on genes, hormones or an overwhelming selection of gorgeous boots in shops. It takes massive willpower to content oneself with four or five pairs.

Consider yourself lucky because today’s COTD features something truly special, you might keep it until it’s worn to death. I’m talking about Dr. Martens Women’s Daytona Chukka Boot.

Dr Martens Daytona Chukka Boots

Established in 1947, Doc Martens is a popular British footwear company started by Dr.Klaus Märtens while he was searching for a pair of boots better than his excruciating  army boots. Long story short, he ended up creating an enduring line of footwear that fit stylishly and comfortably.

Daytona features a striking Aztec pattern on its breathable upper material. With cotton uppers, air-cushioned sole, and authentic Doc Martens heel loop, your feet’s comfort will not be compromised.

Dr Martens Daytona Chukka Boots three-fourths view Dr Martens Daytona Chukka Boots front view Dr Martens Daytona Chukka Boots back view Dr Martens Daytona Chukka Boots Sole

With these multi-colored chukka boots on, brighten up your mood even in the dullest days. Here’s a simple outfit idea: pair these chukkas with chic skinny jeans and a stylish camisole. You may also opt for a flowy cardigan plus crocheted bralet.

Add this versatile piece to your set of casual wardrobe. Visit the nearby shoe shop today and find out if it’s truly the ‘one’.