Jillian Chukka by Frye

Chukka of the Day: Jillian Chukka by Frye

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Too early to buy yourself a Thanksgiving gift? No worries! You can always make a wish-list and begin collecting the stuff you love. The farther away you are from the holidays, the more options you’ll find when you go hunting.

Your search for gorgeous chukka boots might be over when you set eyes on our COTD: the Jillian Chukka from Frye.

Jillian Chukka by Frye side view

Founded by John A. Frye in 1863, Frye Company is probably the oldest shoe company in the US, where its first operations began in Marlboro, Massachusetts. The secret to their generations of success? From the very first boots down to the modern shoes made by Frye artisans, quality and ingenuity have been continuously observed.

Jillian Chukka of Frye is a tribute to the classic casual and workwear style popular throughout the ages. The upper is made of soft, vintage, polished leather that comes in four traditional palette of colors: whiskey, camel, grey, and black. There are hints of Frye’s logo at the soles and sides of the shoes. The boots also feature top-quality leather laces and outsoles with rubber inserts.

Jillian Chukka by Frye side view Jillian Chukka by Frye top and bottom view Jillian Chukka by Frye side view

With these chukkas on, it is hard not to look and feel confident and do well at work or in any social space. Pair them with your office wardrobe, cropped pants, or skinny jeans and walk with your head up high wearing a smile. Of course, that would only happen if you start popping by a Frye branch to look for this chukka style in your size.

Source: www.thefryecompany.com