Quoddy Kennebec Chukka

Chukka of the Day: Quoddy Kennebec Chukka

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In this age of customization, we expect big and bold shoe manufacturers to keep up. Smart and creative consumers like you and I want a pair tailored to our personal wants, needs, and quirks. Even the classic chukkas are no exception.

Choose your chukka make-up the same way you pick toppings for pizza with Kennebec Chukka from Quoddy.

Founded in 1909 under Shorey family’s management, Quoddy Footwear cemented its reputation by producing hand-sewn, staple moccasin shoes. Legendary quality, iconic designs, and ever-evolving craftsmanship ensures that the shoe company is built to last.

Quoddy shoes are meant to last a lifetime and it is not an overstatement. You can begin testing through the customizable Kennebec Chukka.

For the upper leather, you are given a choice between prime grizzly (only one color option) or horween (with nine choices of colors). As for the sole, you can select from Vibram rugged sole, camp sole, and boat sole. The colors options for the soles also abound. For instance, Vibram and camp soles come in red brick, natural, and charcoal.

Some variations of Quoddy Kennebec Chukka

As if that's not enough, Quoddy also lets you choose the thread colors, the hardware round the eyelets, the lace colors, as well as the lining. Now your imagination and artistry will be put to the test.

The resulting design could be the one you have always desired. Get them from stores around US or abroad. If you are absolutely sure of your size in Kennebec, you can easily purchase a pair online. Enjoy handpicking the details for your best chukka yet!

Source: www.quoddy.com