Sevilla Chukka Boots COTD

Chukka of the Day: Sevilla Chukka Boots

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Hello, ladies! Still looking for the perfect pair to complete your back-to-school checklist? Let me give you a hand.

You’ll be thrilled to read our featured COTD: the Sevilla Washed Canvas Chukka Boots from Bussola.

Founded in 1978, the company has mastered the craft of balancing tradition and evolution to create high-quality, creative and unique footwear, specifically chukka boots.

Bussola delivers a fresh take on casual shoes as revealed by Sevilla chukkas. Its breathable, ergonomic, and eco-friendly construction makes a pair an essential item for your closet.

Sevilla Chukka Boot Pair Sevilla Chukka Boot Back and Front view Sevilla Chukka Boot Top and Bottom view

Notice the striking color options available for the washed canvas uppers. They come in taupe, ocean, coral, and deep ocean blue so you are likely to find one that suits your get-up. You can match these shoes with light-colored summer dress, cute sweater dress, or snazzy spring jeans.

For a moment, pay attention to the the stitching, the three eyelets, and the leather used at the heel, the tongue, and the rear. Well, how do you like them?

It’s also good to know that a pair has non-slip rubber outsole and shock-absorbing pad and cushion inside. With these on, look chic and carefree whether you’re at school, at a festival, or just walking a lot around the campus. Instead of wearing sneakers, elevate your choice and opt for equally comfortable yet a tad more stylish chukka boots. Look for them at nearby shops and try them on.

Who knows, they could become your next favorite campus shoes.