Victoria 106788

Chukka of the Day: Victoria 106788

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Shoes only for women. Desert boots just for men. All these labels complicate our lives, don’t you think? Why can’t she wear the stunning chukka shoes he’s so fond of?

Some footwear makers listen. And in support of gender-neutral fashion, our Chukka of the Day (COTD) is no other than the Unisex Adult’s desert boots from Victoria.

Victoria 106788 side view

This year, Victoria celebrates its 100 years in the shoemaking industry. Gregorio, its founder and head shoemaker, named the footwear company after his beloved wife. Then, what began as a small shoe shop in La Rioja, Spain soon became a hit in the 70’s and 80’s with their signature canvas shoes. Through unswerving focus on design, quality, and affordability, the footwear brand has endured a century.

Victoria 106788 front and back views Victoria 106788 top and bottom views

Our selected desert boots from Victoria come in nine gorgeous colors. (Find out the difference between chukka shoes and desert boots, if you’re still confused.)

The inside of the shoes is entirely constructed out of fabric while the outside is made from smooth leather. Add to these sturdy rubber soles, flat heels, and adjustable drawstring closure - any man or woman can briskly walk with these chukkas on.

Since you’re not attached to gender stereotypes, you can pair any casual outfits of your choice with these desert boots. Whether you’re psyched up to rebel against the gender divide or plainly in love with these boots, check out the shoe store and see for yourself if these chukkas suit you.