Types of Chukka Shoes

Types of Chukka Shoes

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You can find chukka boots in various colors, shapes, and materials. That’s why a pair or two will make a handsome addition to your wardrobe. But you may feel lost in a wide array of options available online or at shoe shops.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this post, we will discuss the basic types of chukkas.

Types of chukka by occasion

Many classify chukka boots according to the occasion for which they are intended. You might have seen these categories before - they are either “casual” or “dress” chukka shoes. Let’s explore each category below:

Casual Chukka

Chukka boots that fall under this category can be used with jeans, khakis, sweaters, or blue collar shirts. Paired with these casual outfits, these boots are meant for daily use. You will find it handy to have a pair or two to wear in a laid-back workplace or while out of town traveling.

Dress Chukka

This type of chukkas is ideal for wedding, business meetings, and other formal settings. These shoes usually have an elegant last and all-leather construction, which perfectly complement grey or navy suits.

Despite the popularity of above classification, many still struggle with these broad categories. If you want to simplify your search, here’s another (probably easier) way to classify chukkas.

Types of Chukka Boots based on Uppers

What is an upper? The part of a boot or shoe that covers the sides of the foot, the toes, the top of the foot, and the back of the heel is called the upper. In short, the uppers cover the entire feet. Small wonder why the type of materials used as uppers is easily the most noticeable feature of chukka boots.

There are three common materials used for uppers: leather, suede, or fabric. Here’s a short description of each type along with their pros and cons.

1. Leather

Chukkas in leather can come from various animal skins yet the most commonly used material is cowhide or calf skin. These chukka boots are either brown or black.

Alden Calf Skin Chukka Boot
Alden Men's Chukka Boot Calf Skin
  • PROS: The purchase would be worth it as almost any outfit can look great on these boots. Check these for inspiration: casual wear (sample), with a military jacket, or with complete suits. High-quality leather chukkas are also the sturdiest of all chukka types.
  • CONS: Since all-leather chukka boots are highly durable, a good pair would command the highest price tag among other types of chukkas.  This is also  not an ideal choice for those who prefer shoes that are not made from animals.

2. Suede

Chukkas in suede are a popular choice for those who want a versatile pair - great if you prefer manly boots that are either rugged or refined. Although suede is also a kind of leather, it has a different look and feel - velvet-like, smooth surface results from its napped finish.

FRYE Men's Carter Chukka Boot
FRYE Men's Carter Chukka Boot
  • PROS: Suede chukka boots are softer on the feet and as mentioned, it’s a very flexible pair. Springtime is said to be the best season to wear suede chukkas. The getups that go well with it can range from chinos and selvedge denim to lightweight knit sweaters and classic straight leg jeans.
  • CONS: Since suede is not made from the tough exterior of lamb, calf or goat skin, it is less durable than full-grain leather. Stains on suede such as dust or dirt can be quite stubborn but they can be cleaned with sponge or brush. Again, if you’re an animal-lover, this option may not appeal to you.

3. Fabric

Fabric chukka boots are great for warmer seasons and casual attires. The lightweight, laid-back, breathable design of canvas chukka shoes makes them the ideal choice for the warmer months and a stylish alternative to sneakers when wearing shorts or khakis.

Weiss Canvas Chukka Boots
Weiss Canvas Chukka Boots
  • PROS : You can wash these shoes. Also, if you’re an advocate of non-animal product, you will gladly collect and wear lots of these. When you opt for this type, there are so many colors and design selections you can choose from.
  • CONS : Being the most casual of all types of chukkas, fabric chukkas are not as versatile as suede nor as formal as leather can be. Since the materials are not from sturdy animal skins, you cannot expect fabric chukkas to last as long as the other types.